Boston Sports Talk- Steve And The Hood Podcast Ep.54

Miguel Benzan Segment

Miguel Benzan AKA @patscap on twitter joins us to discuss how long he has been in the cap business, and why he decided to become a cap expert for the NFL and the Patriots specifically.  We go into Brady’s new incentives, and if it will affect the #patriots salary cap this year. We also talk about how the new deal could potentially affect the cap in future years. There has been a lot of talk about the Patriots keeping Brady and Jimmy G, and Miguel explains why this was never going to happen.

Red Sox Segment

Chris and Steve discuss the current hot streak, and the wild victory in Baltimore Friday night. They also talk about the bullpen, and who they trust to come in and get the job done with the game on the line.


Celtics Segment

Chris and Steve touch briefly on the Celtics regular schedule, and their Christmas Day matchup against the 76ers.  Does anyone in the East stand a chance if the Celtics remain healthy?


Show Recap 

  • 00:00 Episode Intro
  • 01:00 Miguel Benzan AKA @patscap on #twitter from boston sports journal discusses everything about the salary cap.  Will Brady’s incentives affect the salary cap this year, or possibly next year ?
  • 40:00  How far are the #patriots going this year?
  • 67:00 Red Sox have the “IT” factor this year?
  • 70:00 Is it time to be concerned with Kimbrel ?
  • 82:00 Wrap Up


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Author: Steven Thompson