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Celtics Ball Handlers
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Ball Handlers – Take a look at the Celtics Point Guard situation

Intro Hello Celtics fans, it has been a while since I have shared my thoughts on our favorite team. I…

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Shooting Jays Podcast reacts to Kemba Trade

Jessica and Steven are back to give their thoughts on the big trade between the Boston Celtics and the Oklahoma…

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kemba walker for al horford
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Kemba Walker Traded For Al Horford

Breaking news from the Boston Celtics this morning. Point Guard Kemba Walker , the No 16 pick, in the 2021…

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What is a Timelord?

Introduction What is a Timelord? The Time Lords are an ancient race of extraterrestrial people in the British series television…

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Celtics Bigs
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Do Celtics Have Too Many Bigs?

Introduction So, we are in the middle of one of those rough patches that was inevitable early in the season….

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Paul Westphal Remembered
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Remembering Paul Westphal

Introduction The passing of Paul Westfall has been well documented. He has earned respect as a player, a coach and…

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pacers versus Celtics
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Celtics @ Pacers Round 2 Recap

The #Celtics stayed in Indiana to match up against the #Pacers on Tuesday night in what was a rollercoaster game….

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Robert Williams
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It’s “TIME” to Make a Change

Is It TIME To Make A Change?

After three games in, the Boston Celtics sit at 1-2 with losses to the Brooklyn Nets and the Indiana Pacers. With Kemba Walker not looking to return until late January, the team seems to be struggling with their identity. As expected, Jaylen Brown (78 points) and Jayson Tatum (75 Points) lead the team in scoring. It’s not rocket science for the opposing defenses to figure out how to allow the best players to do their thing and focus on minimizing the scoring for the rest of the team. It’s actually the Celtic’s way and style of ball. With the absence of Kemba Walker (Injury) and the subtraction of Gordon Hayward (Trade) the Boston Celtics are down a 3rd option of scoring from all 3 levels. The easiest fix would be to bring in someone with the money they have from the Hayward trade, but I believe Ainge is waiting to be able to utilize the full amount of that money. How can the Celtics manufacturer some extra points without jeopardizing much on Defense? It’s simple. It’s TIME to make that change.

There is only one player that has been a consistent spark off the bench. One player that can provide you scoring and defense in ways to get your team out in transition to score easy baskets. That player is Robert “Time-Lord” Williams. He’s averaging 8 points and shooting 88.9% from the field with 4 Rebs (2.5 Oreb + 1.5 Dreb), 2 Steals and 1 Turnover. His length allows him to protect the rim and block shots. This is why he’s the spark the Celtics need to play come back ball. Willams can be a liability on defense. He struggles in rotations, gets to his man slower than normal, and he doesn’t like to stay on his feet. He jumps at every pump in fake in the league. He doesn’t stretch the floor for spacing to allow shooters to shoot and he doesn’t shoot threes – although he’s developing a mid range shot (12 feet) to his arsenal, which could be dangerous.

Why is it Time to make that change? It’s simple. He’s out playing our starting center Daniel Theis and rotational big, Grant Williams. Grant it they shoot the ball more, but sometimes you just need your big to be down in the paint and get your team some easy buckets. It’s the exact way newly acquired PF Tristan Thompson plays ball. He puts the ball on the floor and tries to get to the rim.  No one is expecting Robert Williams to do so, but he sure could be there to clean up the misses at the rim and get easy put backs. How do you think Nets center Deandre Jordan became an All-Star?

It’s clearly TIME coach Brad Steven’s looks to make a change. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and very soon, “A Change Will Come”

Wayne “Breezie” Brown

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Be Patient With Celtics
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Celtics Will Struggle: A Call for Patience

Introduction Two games in, and like clockwork, the #Celtics fan-base is jumping off the deep-end. Checking in with chat radio…

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Celtics Vs Nets Christmas Day
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Nets V Celtics Christmas Day Recap

12/26/2020 Introduction The Brooklyn Nets traveled to TD garden on Christmas Day to take on the The #Celtics at home…

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