The Engine That Could and Did

The man standing at 5′ 9″ stood tall last night made his return to the Bruins lineup after missing the last six games. The Bruins quarterback of their vaunted power play came back with a bang, scoring a beautiful coast to coast goal and capping a wild night at the Garden. What was glaringly obvious was just how different the team is with him on the ice. With him back in the fold, the Bruins got their puck possession defenseman back.

The Bruins are a different team with him on the ice. The offense flows, and that top power play unit goes into attack mode, knowing the quarterback is back there at the point. The flow is different as he is much more active out there. The engine starts to operate like a finely tuned machine. The Bruins have a good group of puck movers like McAvoy and Grzelcyk, but Krug really separates himself out there with his veteran savvy and above average puck possession.

The Bruins are hopeful they can ink a deal with Torey that will prevent him going into free agency. We know he will get a big offer from another team if he does, but I can tell you most of the fans want him here. What that deal ultimately ends up being is anyone’s guess. I will be a very happy man if he re-signs here.

I love the intangibles he brings onto the ice. But what really impresses me what he does off of it. What I am talking about is the work he does for Operation Hat Trick. The clothing line helps out veterans in the New England area and helps those who served that are having a hard time in their civilian life.

Those are the type of works from athletes people should admire the most. When you use your platform for a cause bigger then us, you show just what type of a person you truly are. When I was growing up as a young kid in New Hampshire, we were always taught to help others when you are able to do so. That is always something I will remember from my Dad.

The man who I admired the most has since passed on, but he was the most humble person I have ever known. That is one of the reason I gravitate towards Krug. The man comes across as just a regular guy who happens to have a talent I can’t even imagine having. There are players on this team who are my guys, but Krug stands alone at the top. What can I even say? My wife asked me the other day, “Chris, what do you want for Christmas?” The answer came to me instinctively. I said, ” A follow on Twitter by Krug would be awesome.”

When she smiled and said “You would be glowing,” she wasn’t lying about that. The notion is a long shot, I’m sure. But why not shoot for the stars? We all have aspirations in life; go out and go for it people. With the Bruins back on the ice it brings a lot of joy to me. It make me think of my Dad, who sat me down many years ago and told me of a player named Bobby Orr.

Those stories have always stuck with me over the years and fostered my love for puck moving defenseman. We saw a very Orr-like move last night from Kruger that brought me back into my old living room hearing Dad tell me the stories. What Krug does out there stands out on your tv screen. There is always a chance Krug won’t be back after this season, but I will always remain a fan of his going forward.

The man is back on the ice and the Bruins are still amongst the best teams in the league. We look ahead to the rest of the season with hopes it ends well, but we’re all in it for the long ride. What Krug can do back there on the blue line will go a long way in capturing the Cup. Krug might not be the most imposing player out there, but his heart is ultimately the engine that could.

That is all Bruins fans on this one. We over here at Diehard Boston Sports Fans wish you a Happy Thanksgiving surrounded by family and friends. The Bruins are doing their part to bring us some happiness. Here’s hoping they bring us some more down the road. Go, Bruins. Peace!

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Author: Chris Blackey

Co-host of Boston Sports Blitz. I've been a Boston sports fan from as long as I can remember.