This is what you Wanted , Wasn’t It ?

This is what you begged for isn’t it ? yes I’m talking to you Felger and Mazz. I’m talking to you, sub-moronic talking heads of Boston, I’m talking to you Fools of New England, I’m talking to you the It’s time to move on crowd, who were tired of yearly trips to the AFC Title game who were sick of going to the Super bowl every other year and winning it on average every three seasons. Finally: I’m talking to you Bill Belichick 

You wanted to see rookies on the field ? 

You wanted to get rid of the old vets and make way for the kids

You wanted to see first round picks spent on “Skill Position “ Players

You wanted to move on from the Robotic Tom Brady 

You Wanted to prove it’s you and not him 

How’s that working out for you ? 

I;m sure for Felger and Mazz it’s great , I’m sure for the rest of the talking heads who wouldn’t know how to build a winning football program it’s a lot of fun, it’s ratings and lit up phones and increased revenue . for the rest of Patriots Nation, yea not so well 

You see this ( 2-4 )  is what happens when Rookies drafted at the bottom of rounds are depended upon to make real contributions. 

This ( 2-4) is what happens when those rookies don’t have vets to mentor them through the first two dozen games of their professional career, when they are asked to do more than they are ready for. 

This ( 2-4 ) is what happens when you spend early round draft capital on “ Skill Guys “ and you swing and miss. 

This ( 2-4 ) is what happens when your ego writes checks that Cam Newton’s ass can’t cash 

For twenty years Tom Brady has covered your cuts – scrapes and bruises up , for twenty years he took your cast offs – also rans – undrafted free agents and former college quarterbacks and made them look like “ hall of fame players. For twenty years he restructured and smiled when you brought in little to help. And traded off his best weapons to save a buck. Because he knew in the end he would be holding the Lombardi when all was said and done. 

So six games in “ Time to move on “ people .. How’s it working out for you ?

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Author: Thomas Murphy