Tom Brady Has Not Had a Hall Of Fame Career

I can’t blame what brought you here on a mysterious headline writer buried in the bowls of D.H.B.S.F … I wrote it myself, and it’s true. Tom Brady hasn’t had a Hall Of Fame career. And I’m going to prove it to you all. No i haven’t been swayed by the cherry picking stats of Scott Kacmar or the sub-moronic ramblings of Indianapolis Wonder Twin Idiots Greg Doyle and Bob Kravitz. Nor have i been influenced  by Boston local talking heads or National morning,mid-morning,early-evening- Ugly little liars clubs on The NFL Network, Fox Sports or ESPN. I came to this conclusion looking at the facts. And the Fact Show. Tom Brady hasn’t had a Hall Of Fame Career. He’s had two.


I hear you asking the question ( But how Murph how can you conclude one person has had two hall of fame careers in the same sport?) You’re asking i can hear it. Well i will tell you exactly how. Tom has had two careers. One ended on September 7th 2008, the Second began September 14th 2009 . The end of TB12 first career came when the then KC Chief now retired cheap shot artist Bernard Pollard launched himself at Brady’s knees taking him out of the game. Ending his First Career with the Patriots.


If Tom Brady had walked away from the game of football after Pollard lunged into him tearing his ACL he could have kept walking straight into the Hall of Fame. To that point Brady had amassed a career few before him could boast. In just seven seasons. He won an MVP award had an astounding regular season record of Eighty Seven wins to just Twenty Four losses.Put up Twenty Six Thousand passing yards and thrown, One Hundred and Ninety Seven touchdowns. On it’s own impressive. Add in a Postseason record of Fourteen and Three with Three Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty Four yards passing to go along with Twenty five Touchdowns on his way to Three Superbowl’s victories and two Super Bowl MVP awards. There is no denying his waltz to Canton at the ripe old age of thirty one.

Go on call it a Comeback, Sorry LL. Brady did come back, Just Three Hundred and Seventy Two days after Pollard tried to send him to Canton. He wasn’t having it, not at the age of thirty-two. Tom and Patriot fans knew he had at least what? Three – Four maybe Five good years left ? Well here we are more than a decade after that hit and TB12 has racked up One Hundred and Sixteen more wins. Forty Two Thousand Five Hundred more passing yards, Three Hundred and Eight Touchdown Passes,and two more MVP awards, One at the age of Forty. All in the regular season. His second career postseasons? More impressive than his first. A Thirteen and Seven record. Six Thousand Two Hundred and Seventy Two yards and Forty Three Touchdown passes. Four trips to the Superbowl and Two wins. The first the biggest comeback in Superbowl history.Until of course his second when he erased his own record comeback. Oh  And two more Super Bowl MVP’s. A career that would enshrine any QB into the Hall of Fame.

The greatest individual moment in any football player or coaches life is when they get that call .Canton is Valhalla calling the greatest to ever play home, Am i suggesting Brady gets two calls ? Should they create two busts for him on that fateful day. No. but consider this. If Eli Manning had walked away after the first half of his career would the powers that be argue he had a HOF career ? If Jim Plunkett had only played the last half of his career would there be an argument. If Terrell Davis had hung on and played four or five more seasons or Elway just two fewer, would we have looked at their careers differently? Only Brady has done it this well for this long. Only Brady could go in Twice.

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Author: Thomas Murphy