Week #8 Fantasy Football Preview

 “A Podcast To Be Named Later”
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Host: Chris Mitchell @CJMitch73

Guest: NYPost Fantasy Writer Drew Loftis @NYPost_Loftis

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 Hot/Cold Players
 Kirk Cousins & Stefon Diggs–> Recent performance was to be expected, not the early season stuff.–> Has heard reported….Cousins is likely to be less effective in 4pm games because he is a massive creature to habit. See if it’s true going forward.– Alexander Mattison take carries and scores from Dalvin Cook?–> Mattison more like Pollard to Zeke than a touch and TD vulture– Chase Edmonds–> no longer trusting Cardinals injury reporting or any comments they make on the touches and the targets.–> — Julio Jones–> if you can buy low do it. He is steady and stable and since the numbers have been bad, they are due to come around. Not expecting Matt Ryan to play this week.– Keenan Allen–> Holding steady with Keenan for now. SD is better than this and they should turn it around and Allen is where they will do it. If you can buy low do it.– Joe Mixon–> Beasley is 10-12 points for sure and Mixon, we just don’t know what. It’s been bad. 

– Ty Johnson–> Owners are certainly overlooking J.D. McKissic. It looks like Johnson will get the “Lions Share” of the carries there. Kerryon Johnson had been disappointing, so 65-75% of that is what Ty will have an opportunity to get. He could be the new Theo Riddick. That’s not special.- Kenny Stills–> Not eager to start him, but has to be owned until Will Fuller is out. KeKe Coutee is another player on the radar while Fuller is out. 

* Recency Bias
— Mohammed Sanu–> Now a Fantasy starter in New England where he was a Flex/WR3 before in Atlanta. Not this week, but once he gets acclimated in the Patriots system. “I expect him to be better than Josh Gordon was.” His value is likely to rise so he is a slight buy low — Emmanuelle Sanders–> Prefer to see him in New England but he is better off in SF than stuck in Denver. Helps Courtland Sutton. D Hamilton?

*Week #8 Game-by-Game Breakdown w/ New York Post Fantasy Writer Drew Loftis @NYPost_Loftis

Seattle Seahawks @ Atlanta Falcons

@NYPost_Loftis Wilson is a Top 5 QB Week #8. The matchup and potential backup QB starting doesn’t change evaluations of the other Falcons players. Ridley is a comfortable fill-in as a Flex but not a must-start player right now. Even with Sanu gone.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Buffalo Bills

@NYPost_Loftis Wentz has been relatively average. Not special, not terrible. Overpaid by draft season ADP, but not a bust. Tough matchup this week. Bills D is legit and they are very good against the tight end. Not good for Ertz even though he is a must-start in almost all leagues.  SIDE DISCUSSION** IMPACT of Stephon Gilmore leaving Buffalo and playing in New England **Gilmore and the Buffalo scheme wouldn’t have been as good there as he has been in New England. Bills Pass Offense verse terrible Eagles Pass Defense?Cole Beasley is going to score 10-12 points. Matchup isn’t a big boost for him. He is a target guy, not a big-play producer. John Brown benefits most from the cushy matchup.

Los Angeles Chargers @ Chicago Bears (77 minutes in)

@NYPost_Loftis Bears are being run on and the defense hasn’t been as good as expected. Not a lot of Fantasy interest. Ekeler has been better than expected since the return of Gordon. David Montgomery had expectations and hasn’t met them or even close. Quality and quantity have both been disappointing.

New York Giants @ Detroit Lions

@NYPost_LoftisGiants/Cardinals in week seven when it was thought to be a shootout. Could be the case. Engram was targeted three times last week in a game against a defense that is by-far the worst against the tight end. Odd coaching. Odd game plan. Fewest targets. Worst game.Detroit is better than people may realize and could easily be an undefeated team with a couple bounces going their way. Good spot for Golden Tate. “Marvin Jones scored more TD’s in Week 7 than he will the rest of the season combined.” Ty Johnson won’t get the touches that Kerryon Johnson got. J.D. McKissic will eat into his opportunities. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Tennessee Titans

@NYPost_Loftis Corey Davis has become more relevant with Tannehill than with Mariota. His situation was bad and now has improved. Bad week for Henry. Bucs are good against the run. Jonnu Smith isn’t worth mention even though things have improved with Tannehill’s emergence.

Denver Broncos @ Indianapolis Colts

@NYPost_Loftis Matchup does hurt Jacoby Brissett more than might be expected this week.Bronco’s run game is intriguing this week and both Freeman and Lindsay are both viable considerations depending on alternatives. Odd usage. Freeman catching more passes than you might think and Lindsay getting more goal line.

Cincinnati Bungals @ Los Angeles Rams (:97 mark)

@NYPost_Loftis Rams have struggled to fully utilize Woods and Cooks. Matchup helps, but still a scheme and team situation, not a matchup one. @CJMitch73Ugly game. Start all the typical players, but not a lot of secondary non-starters are starts. Too many weapons.

Arizona Cardinals @ New Orleans Saints

@NYPost_Loftis The matchup is bad for Cardinal player owners and with the uncertainty at RB touches and targets and playing time, it diminishes both Edmonds and David Johnson. it looks like Johnson will play at least some and that hurts everyone. But, we don’t know. 

New York Jets @ Jacksonville Jaguars

@NYPost_Loftis The Jets are probably closer to how they played vs. Dallas than they were against the Patriots. L Bell is where the matchup is a good one. Robby Anderson’s targets needs to rise to earn some confidence. Crowder is more intriguing but not a great option this week.

Carolina Panthers @ San Francisco 49er’s

@NYPost_Loftis 49ers defense is not THIS good, but they are good. Benefitted from friendly schedule. Steelers with Mason Rudolph, the Bengals and the Redskins in a monsoon.Should the Panthers trade Cam Newton? A healthy Cam Newton is the best option for the Panthers. If a team is willing to pay a large price based on expecting a fully healthy Cam Newton then yes, trade him. It’s unlikely that Newton will ever be 100% again.

Cleveland Browns @ New England Patriots

@NYPost_Loftis Sanu sits. All Pats regulars start. Not a lot of confidence in anyone for the Browns. Can’t sit Beckham Jr, but the matchup justifies the thought. Landry could be covered by Gilmore and he should shut him down.

Oakland Raiders @ Houston Texans

@NYPost_Loftis Jacobs starts. Derek Carr has a good matchup. Williams is intriguing. Zay Jones could be worked in. Something to watch, not start or even claim yet. A lot of DFS stacks likely from this one.

Green Bay Packers @ Kansas City Chiefs

@NYPost_Loftis Not as on this one as some. Packers may play ball control like the Colts did.Sammy Watkins is playing but because he hasn’t played, tough to start him. 
Miami Dolphins @ Pittsburgh Steelers@NYPost_LoftisAlbert Wilson is healthy so maybe he could be something going forward. Can’t trust the Steelers even in great 

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