What Is Wrong with Chris Sale ?

Sale pitching problems

chris sale pitching


Rough Season

Well folks, let’s just get straight to the point.  I have to put it out there, the Sox number 1 starter, you know the one that they just re-signed to a contract extension, is quite frankly having a rough go of it right now to say the least.

Now I don’t know what it is.  It could it be a mechanical issue, or it could it be the catcher that he throws to.  No one know what’s going on other than Sale himself.

Sale Admits He Stinks

To put it lightly, even Sale said he’s not good right now.  In fact in his own words he said “I’m a liability right now” after his last start which ended up being a loss. All of Sale’s wins right now have all come on the road. That’s right you heard it correct: Sale to this point in the season does not have a single win in a start at home yet. In fact, he has not won at home since last October in the World Series.

Now am I missing something, or is it just me? In my opinion I definitely think it’s mechanical. When sale is on the road, everything seems to be good. Al of his wins have come on the road.  Granted he has had some losses on the road, but most of his losses have come at Fenway.

Possible Solutions

So what is there left to do? Does Levangie go down and talk with him along with Cora and find out what’s going through Sale’s mind?  Do they give Sale an extra bull pen session to really figure out what the issue is? Only time will tell what the management staff does to figure out the issue. Maybe Sale needs one of his starts pushed back just to get some extra rest and work on what is wrong. All I know is something definitely needs to happen, and fast.

But in the end, the Sox brass will figure it out as always and get it fixed. In the meantime, new starter Andrew Cashner will make his Red Sox debut and first start since the trade this Tuesday against the Blue Jays at Fenway.

Till then Sox fans, stay tuned.

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Author: Chad Riley