BostonSportSBlitz#66 Celtics struggling out of the gate

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We have received several questions from listeners on why the Celtics have struggled to start the season, and the boys from the Boston Sports Blitz podcast figured it would be a great idea to get some answers from the host of one of the best Celtics podcasts out there Adam Kaufman.  Find his podcast Celtics Beat on Itunes and Stitcher.

Celtics Struggles: ” Adam stated having to welcome back two All Stars in Hayward and Irving, plus Brown, Tatum, Morris, and Rozier adjusting to different roles will take time to develop”.  Breathe easy Celtics fans, no need not worry at this point in the season.  Chris Blackey stated ” team is so Jekyll and Hyde right now”.

Gordon Hayward Health: Don’t be too concerned if Hayward isn’t back to 80% until around the All Star break in February according to Adam.  Part of it might be Hayward having to get over the ankle injury as well.

Listen to the entire episode with Adam Kaufman and much more here .

Author: Steven Thompson