Will Pedroia Ever Be The Same?

With the new season almost upon us, the Sox are looking to rebound after undoubtedly having a disappointing season. This only a year after winning the World Series. With reports coming out that Dustin is said to be ready for the start of the season, my question to everyone is that if this is in fact the case and Pedroia is truly going to be ready, is it worth the risk to have him start at 2nd base again?

My honest opinion on this matter, is that it is definitely worth taking a chance on it, heck what do the Sox have to lose? My answer to that is simple, if it doesnt work out, and Pedroia himself feels that it is truly time to hang up his cleats and glove, then let him be the only one to make that call, if and when hes ready. My point on this is that it is not any of our call to say “Hey Retire” or hey “you had a great run.”

Now, if this is to happen and he does come back and succeed, what does that do to the line up? I have a simple solution to that: have Chavis and Moreland share time between 1st. And since Chavis is playing outfield in Winter Ball, I say the times that Chavis doesn’t play 1st base, throw him in the outfield. And then when there are those days that Pedey needs a day off, throw Chavis at 2nd.

Now comes the other question. What do we do with the prospects that are down in the farm system? Bobby Dalbec being one of them. Do the Sox take a chance and bring him up? Or do they trade him to a team that can use him now and in return get some good prospects? This could not only start building the farm back up but also at the same time get some pitching and bullpen help in return. This could also be the answer to eventually get Mookie the money that he truly deserves.

Now when it comes to getting under the threshold, the only penalty that the Sox would face would be for international spending. Now tell me: wouldn’t you want to keep the current superstars that the Sox have together instead of having money for international spending? My answer to that is a big “YES!” I would definitely keep the current team together and take the penalty. Now let’s hope that ownership feels the same way.

With Truck Day just around the corner and shortly after that squad workouts, only time will tell what will happen in this upcoming season.

Till then, sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of the winter!


Go Sox


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Author: Chad Riley